Safe Choice offers a variety of services to meet your Designated Driver needs....


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events?

​Regular  Service

We can pick you up wherever you may be...

Bars, restaurants, banquet halls, hotels, private homes and more.

Our driver will call you when they are on their way and will give you an estimated arrival time. We can also courier your vehicle to any destination of choice on a timely basis in or out of province and to the US.

Events  Service

You can pre-order rides home for occasions such as weddings and special events.


All you need to do is call in and book your ride for a particular time, our drivers will be there to pick you up at a specified time.


You can also book a team to actually be at your event for a predetermined period of time, to drive your guests home as needed.

Private  Service

If you need a driver for an extended period of time, such as the whole day, let us know and we can take care of all the details, and give you a quote.


We also have a drive away service in event of your need to go longer

distances but would rather have someone drive your vehicle to destination and have it waiting at for you on arrival. we do both US and canadian destination drive aways.

Medical  Service

Safe Choice can also service hospitals and clinics that provide day surgery and out-patient services. Patients can save money by driving themselves to the medical facility and allowing us to drive their car home, without the expense of a cab both ways.

Corporate  Service

Safe Choice offers special pricing packages for corporations.

Enrolling your employees in a corporate package will encourage social responsibility and ensure the safety of employees and clients.

Please contact us for pricing and more details on Corporate Packages.


Hosting a Party?

When hosting a party or event where alcohol is being served you could be held legally liable should someone who you served or supplied alcohol to leave your party and cause an accident while driving home.

Protect yourself from legal liability by providing your guests with one of our designated driver teams. 



"I Love this service, I use it we can go out and have as much fun as we want and not worry about leaving our car parked overnight in downtown Toronto"

Susan - Scarborough

"The drivers are professional and friendly, the prices are good, very efficient service"

Dave - Toronto