Price list

Our prices are very comparable to taking a taxi, the benefit to you is that we get both you AND your car home safely. You do not need to return the next day for your vehicle.



Our pricing is very straightforward.....

We charge a flat rate of $25.00 for up to ten kilometers.


After the first ten, we charge $2.00 per kilometer.

(e.g. a 17 km drive would cost $39; $25  for the first 10km then $14 for the other 7km)


The driver will reset your mileage counter in your car if you are agreeable to that, then you can also confirm the cost of the trip; The driver who will be following behind will record the mileage also




We do charge $1.00 per minute for wait time, (after the first five minutes) our drivers will call when they are en route to you and will give you at least ten minutes prior notice and we appreciate it if you can settle your bill or get your outerwear on and be ready when the drivers arrive.

Waiting causes delays for the customers after yourself who are also awaiting a drive.


Drop offs and stops, other than the destination address are charged at $5.00; the exception to this is if you need your driver to stop at a bank machine for you.


There is a $30 surcharge for the 407, so it is appreciated if your route can be completed without the need to take this highway, it is financially beneficial for you too.


Our boundaries extend East to Pickering, North to Highway #7 and West to Highway 427; Any drives requiring pickup or dropoff outside of these boundaries will be subject to a $25 surcharge.


Currently, we are a cash only service, we do not charge for stops at bank machines if required.


Our drivers accept and appreciate tips, so please feel free to reward good service.